The Notorious Wolf Series

The Notorious Wolf Series

Hi everyone.

So this month has been quite hectic as you know I’m not just publishing under Judith Holstrom, but I have four other pen names that I need to uphold and maintain.
I got a beautiful cover back from Deranged Doctor Designs.

I love them so much. I discovered them a while ago, and their covers hooked and drew me in.
So I will be using them from now on, a lot.

This post revolves around the Notorious Wolf series, and the first book in the Anthony Brock Files called the Notorious Wolf.

Many people have no idea that the Notorious Wolf series is part of the first novel in the Anthony Brock Files. But let me try to break that one down to make it a bit more understandable.

So the Anthony Brock Files is a brand new series I’m working on still. It follows an FBI profiler and his team, called Anthony Brock.
He thinks as murderers do to catch them.

Now the Notorious Wolf Series is part of the Notorious Wolf, the first novel in the Anthony Brock series. Still, the series revolves around the killings, why this Serial Killer targeted them, and the motive behind his killings. It’s a mixture of a Dexter meets Criminal Minds, as this killer has some moral standards.
Even if he is a bit of a sociopath and psychopath, he still has a clue to only go after people that forgot their moral standards.

The first book, Beautiful Death, is written in Amelia Conway, a small-time cop, and Helena Sussex, our victim, is going to end up as the Notorious Wolf’s Sleeping Beauty.


The second book called When Snow Falls, is told in Will Benson, the sheriff of a neighboring town, and Cloey Tridell, the victim’s point of view.

Cloey will become his Snow White at the end of this story.


And the third Novel Ripple is where Anthony Brock comes in to try and stop the third murder, told by Amelia Conway again and a friend of the victims.
Ripple is also exclusively available in the Notorious Mind’s boxset, which is on sale for only 99c.
So grab your copy to find out what happens in that one.

The main novel, the Notorious Wolf, will be told through Anthony Brock and Amelia Conway’s point of view, as she is the officer that the Wolf has targeted, or build an obsession over.
I can’t wait to find out what you are going to think about this one. If you are going to be able to tell who the killer is or not.

With that said, I apologize for the first edition of Beautiful Death that was on Bookfunnel, StoryOrigin, and Prolific. It wasn’t edited the way I wanted it to be edited, but we have uploaded the newest, revised version of the novel.

The Notorious Wolf will be available for pre-order soon on all the online platforms and I hope that you are going to enjoy this one as much as I enjoy writing it.


Till later, Judith.