Death’s Kiss, A Wattpad Open Novella Contest.

Blank 1700 x 2600-2

Still a work in progress…

Keith Solomon and his friends thought it will be fun to play a game of Truth or Dare.

Keith’s dare leads him to find his right match on one of the world’s most famous dating apps, called Magical Match. It’s a strange dating app that doesn’t pair you with another human but with supernatural lore or magical creatures.

Still, the guys think it’s an excellent initiation for the new guy, even though Vivienne, Keith’s new girlfriend, warns him.

Keith gets paired up with Death-called Freya.

All is good fun until Freya shows up and all of Keith’s friends started to disappear.

Excerpt of Death's Kiss


The game was getting messed up, with a capital ‘M’, but that was Dave for you. It was a simple Truth or Dare game, but with a twinge of Dave Mitchel’s flair.

The girls were already furious with one another as they kept on choosing Truth. Their answers always contained my name, making Vivienne, my girlfriend, mad as hell. She was also the one girl who kept on choosing dare.

Viv was by far the most beautiful and popular girl at Viewmore High. And for some reason, I was the lucky guy that ended up with her.

We’d been dating the past two months.

I thought that when Dad got a new job that would relocate us to the other side of the USA, my life was over.

I had to say goodbye to the two things that defined my life.

Number one was to the most perfect girl God bestowed on this earth. She was beautiful, with dark hair and beautiful doe eyes—Saphire was her name. It was hard to break things off as she refused to believe that long-distance relationships could work. The other thing was my position on the football team. I worked hard, practice two hours each day to become the quarterback on the football team.

But I had no choice. I sulked the entire trip and pledged to make my parents’ life a living hell until we moved back.

My sulking stopped pretty fast when I walked into Viewmore High. I realized that life still carried on and could become sweet again when the cheer-squad captain found an interest in me.

Vee, Vivienne’s nickname, used to be Dave’s girl, but the idiot cheated on her, and she broke up with him. She had gotten pretty fast over him when I showed up. We’d click immediately and started dating a few weeks later.

Even if Dave said it was okay, I sometimes doubted that he meant it. The way he kept on trying to win Vivienne back grated on my nerves some days, and other days, it was a laughing matter. Tonight wasn’t the latter.

He pushed many of my buttons as it felt he had a hidden agenda with tonight’s Truth or Dare game. Right now, I struggled to hide how pissed off I was.

The bottle spun again, and it landed on me.

“Keith, my boy,” Dave yelled, and everyone laughed. “What will it be?”

“Dare,” I said.

Dave laughed. “I have the perfect dare for our man of the night.”

I prayed that it wouldn’t be kissing Bree or Kaylee. That would only be the last ingredient in Vee’s infuriated cocktail brewing behind the scenes. 

I chuckled and closed my eyes, trying to dispel my own frustration.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. “Okay, what is it?”

“I dare you to find your other half on ‘Magical Match,'” Dave said, and it was a mixture of cheers and moans.

“You are such an idiot.” Vivienne looked upset. She covered her beautiful face and let her wavy blonde  hair fell over her shoulders.

“What, oh, c’mon? You don’t believe in the rumors, Vivienne.”

She lowered her hands and glared at him with piercing blue eyes. “Bad things happened when people use that app.”

“Wait, what app?”

“It’s stupid, don’t do it,” Vivienne spoke to me. Her lips were still slightly swollen from our make-out session earlier tonight.

“Oh, c’mon Viv, nothing bad happened to anyone of us?” Dave smiled at Vivienne.

“I’m not speaking about your stupid dwarf match. “

Dwarf match?

“What, I thought she was the perfect height?” Dave said and got a few high-fives from the guys.

“You are an idiot. I’m talking about the one video that was all over the internet.”

“It was one video, Viv. One.” Dave laughed, showing the one with his finger. The guys thought it was hilarious.

“What app are you talking about?” I asked again.

“No,” Vivienne said.

“Awe, Keith, really?” Dave looked at me. “Your girl is making the choices for you?”

“Dave, seriously, what app are you even talking about?” He was starting to piss me off.

“Magical Match.” Dave smiled.

I pulled out my cellphone and googled the app. My eyes flowed through the about section. The creators listed it under games, but it was some sort of a matchmaking app. The candidates didn’t make sense as Manticore, Fairies, Vampire, Werewolf, Satire, and Silkie were among the description.

“What crap is this?”

All the guys laughed, and some of the girls too.

“It’s an app that matches you with your magical other,” Kaylee finger quoted the ‘magical other’ part. Small colorful butterflies held pieces of her short curly dark hair in place on top of her head. Toni was crazy about her and guessed that freckles and dark green eyes did it for him.

“Huh?” I frowned, eliciting more laughter.

“What Kaylee said,” Mike answered. The blonde hair guy was Dave’s tail, and his head was so far up Dave’s ass that I felt sorry for the guy to rely so severely on another just to fit in somewhere.

“Your magical other, what does that mean?” I looked at Mike.

Dave shook his head and chuckled. He stroked his hair and mumbled something about stupid. I pretended not hearing it.

“Like mine,” Kaylee answered, “Is a Merman.”

“What?” I exclaimed, and the guys doubled over.

“Vee’s was a Fairy.” Kaylee gave me a dashing smile.

I looked at Vee. “A Fairy? Should I be scared?”

She laughed and hit me playfully. “It’s not all great matches, Keith.” All the playfulness was gone.  “I don’t like that app,” Vivienne said with her hand rubbing her chest.

“Oh, c’mon, Vee, we all did it. Even you.”

“Yeah, that was before that YouTube video went viral about the app, Kaylee.”

“What video?” I asked. Why hadn’t I seen it?

Mike and Tony thought it was hilarious. The guys were definitely pranking me with this one.

“It’s not real,” Dave spoke slower and clearer to Viv.

“I can’t get what that woman said out of my head. Her entire life got destroyed, Dave. And now she is nowhere to be found.”

“What woman?” I asked.

“She was as high as a kite, Vee. Everyone could see it and blamed it on the stupid app.”

“Drugs? You blame it on drugs” She folded her arms in front of her chest.

“Yeah, people see all sort of stupid shit when they pop acid or smoke weed. Besides that video was taken off YouTube after a thorough investigation on that app.”

“Okay, wise-ass, then why can’t anyone find her, huh?” Viv asked.

Dave sighed. “The woman probably closed her accounts because of all the negative attention she brought on herself.”

Dammit, I wanted to see that video now.

“I don’t know. There is something about the app that gives me the creeps.”

“Everyone had played it,” Kaylee said. “Besides, I would like to know who they would pair up with Keith.”

“See it as initiation,” Dave said in that tone that I hated. I looked at Vee, and her entire demeanor was filled with fear. Her worry was real, but knowing if I backed out, it would be social suicide. Dave would make sure of it.

“Seriously, these creatures don’t even exist, Vee.” I smiled.

“You didn’t see that video, Keith.”

“Okay, what was so bad about the video that scares you like this?”

“They matched her with some satire called Cain, and he came for her, Keith. He made her life a living nightmare. She even had footage of a satire in her bed.” Vee yelled at the others.

“She manipulated that footage, Vee. Satire’s don’t exist,” Bree shouted back. “Seriously you are so gullible.”

I could see Vivienne’s jaw muscles pumping as she shook her head softly. I remembered Saphire and her friends watching that. That video existed because of this app?

“Let’s just google this. I’m sure there is an explanation where the missing woman is,” Bree had that tone to show how pathetic Vee’s reasoning was. It was a constant battle for who would become prom queen when it came to the redhead with her see-through green eyes. She only pretended to be Vivienne’s best friend. Everyone could see that a mile away.

Dave took out his phone too. More guys pulled out their phones to search for this missing woman. The app was dumb, and I wasn’t going to kill my social life because of Vee’s fears.

I opened an account on the app and fill in the answers to what I was looking for. Strong women, sexy as hell, those type of tags found their way on my application. I typed in my address and followed the instructions carefully. They asked me to be super honest, and I was. I described Saphire. We still texted each other now and then. She was damn close to perfect.

“Here is something,” Tony yelled. “It’s about that YouTube video they deleted. And Dave was right. The woman OD’d on Acid. That is why nobody can find her. She is dead. Apparently, she was one of the creators that William Deysel and Frank Monterose kicked out because she had a drug problem.” Tony showed Vee the article, and they spoke about how she wanted to get back at them.

I waited for the app to match me to my magical other, the way Kaylee had finger quoted it.

It stopped loading, and my magical other popped up. “Freya, Death,” I put down my phone.

“You did it!” Vivienne sounded shocked.

The guys cheered as I shrugged.

“Wait, Death is a woman?” I asked, and then they all laughed.