Write Like Hell: Kaiju Anthology Vol. 3

Twelve tales of monstrous beings, twelve different approaches. Write Like Hell: Kaiju is an anthology of stories focused on terrifying creatures, and the humans who must face them. From Viking sagas, to sci-fi thrillers, you’ll find a host of imaginative and compelling fiction within these pages.

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Rampike: A Supernatural Thriller

Trapped in an isolated mountain town…

Something doesn’t want them to leave

When the local hermit, Maul Thorndean, disappears, Sheriff Joe Moorefield finds his cabin in a disconcerting state: all the surrounding trees are ghost-white, brittle, and leaning towards the cabin.

There is blood on the floor, but no sign of Maul. Usually, if there is trouble in Mercy, Maul is the cause. Now, he might be the victim.

The strange trees and their wraith-like limbs spread across the town. But when people begin disappearing, it’s clear that the trees are the least of the sheriff’s worries.

In a desperate race to escape, only the luckiest will survive.

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Desert OverWatch: Was it passion, jealousy or fear that turned a Royal Marine into a calculating, cold-blooded murderer? (CodeName: Orcus Book 1)

A 1990 deployment to Iraq, in the build-up to the first Gulf War turns deadly.

Sergeant James Regan wants nothing more than to be at home with his family. After nearly two decades of putting his life on the line fighting for Queen and country, he has decided it’s time to quit the Royal Marines, he just has to make it home.

Corporal Roger Morgan hates life in the corps and uses alcohol to take the edge off.  A downed coalition aircraft brings the two men together while behind enemy lines on a mission to track and destroy Iraqi SCUD missile launchers.

Old rivalry surfaces amid the danger, tension and stress of life behind enemy lines. Was it passion, jealousy or fear that turned a Royal Marine into a calculating, cold-blooded murderer?

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Investigating Horror Vol. 1: Five Horrifying Cases of Prof. Aldous Crane

Five chilling supernatural horror stories which prove you’re right to be scared of the dark…

Professor Aldous Crane, paranormal expert and ghost hunter, knows all too well the things that lurk beyond the thin veil of our reality. Dark spirits hide just beyond our reach, waiting for their chance to strike – and when disturbed, vengeful ghosts will stop at nothing to exact their revenge on the living. In these five haunting and horrifying tales, you’ll delve into the darkest depths of the supernatural, discovering the shocking and macabre cases that this master detective must bring to light. 

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this collection:

  • In The Taster, Aldous Crane will get his first taste of the paranormal as he searches for a priceless wine collection in the dark halls of the late Matthew Boudin… whose ghost still stands guard over it.
  • In Wishing Bones, a fake medium is forced to seek Aldous Crane’s help after she finds herself being hunted by someone from beyond the grave.
  • In The Dollhouse, a talented artist’s new dream home hides more than she bargained for… and she learns that sometimes, children are right to be afraid of the dark.
  • In The Severed Souls, after workers are attacked while opening a museum for a demented collector’s macabre art display, Aldous Crane must expose the secrets lurking in its gothic halls.
  • And in The Sacred Knives, Aldous must once again venture into the dark halls of Matthew Boudin’s estate to solve the biggest – and most terrifying – case of his life.
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