Rebrand of the Notorious Wolf’s Books.


Rebranding already!

Okay, so this is what happened during the course of the weekend. I’ve rebranded Beautiful Death and When Snow falls due to the fact that I received my cover for the Notorious Wolf. The main novel in the Anthony Brock files due next year.

I’m super excited about this series, not just the Notorious Wolf but all the other books or file cases that this FBI Profiler is going to solve. If you love the T.V Hit show Criminal Minds then you will definitely love the Anthony Brock files.

I’m planning to release a book a year with all it’s victim file cases that will go with the main novel. 

Every victim file case will give you the opportunity to try and find out who the killer is. Monsters are all around us, not just living under our beds….Hope you love the rebranding

Till next time, 

Judith Holstrom