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Welcome to my new website!!!!

I’m super excited about launching my new website. I’m going through a major rebranding and website is part of that rebranding. I’ll blog regularly now too, reason, I want to as this website and blog is just absolutely stunning. I didn’t design this one myself. I have a really great friend who is in IT that is re-designing all my websites, as I can’t have only one pen name.

So how are the blog posts going to work.

Well, I do a lot of promotions and I get time to read too, and at this moment I’m busy learning too to take my writing to the next level. So there will be categories for where I’m sharing those types of posts.

I also have a section where I speak about my journey. Which this post will fall under. So more WIPs I’m working on will follow under Judith’s Journey category.

As you can see, there are a couple of Notorious Wolf’ books missing. No, they are not missing. I’ve added them all under one name, Beautiful Death.

I moved to KU, there are so many reasons for that, but I’m going to write exclusive for KU from now on.

Horror is one of my favorite genres to write, if I don’t scare myself, but I have to write myself in a stupor with horror, otherwise my readers won’t sit on the edge of their seat turning the pages.

The Hensley Mansion got a huge revamp as I learned the past year so much about the English language and how to edit a novel, so a new re-edited version is available. I keep on revamping books as I learn and discover where my mistakes are, but I am very excited with the new version of the Hensley Mansion. It’s a freaky little house that messes up with people’s minds. I love the Thirteenth Ghost and Rose Red. Rose Red is probably one of my ultimate favorite ghost stories as who doesn’t love a house that builds on, right? But, but, the concept is so much different. The Hensley Mansion doesn’t build on, but it is a house that is so alive and the inhabitants are entities you do not want to miss with.

Eckard Hensley is a Southern gentleman on the outside but a monster on the inside, and he has built the Hensley Mansion in such a way to do what he wants to do with his guests and wives. The guy had many, and they all died in that house, not to speak about his children that mysteriously died in that house, too. After his execution, the house became Eckard Hensley and what he couldn’t do in life; he succeeded in death.

So if you want to find out what happens when people visit his house, you can do so right now.

I also love writing Mystery Novels, especially crime/detective novels. My dad was a cop, and he had a great sixth sense. I believe he transferred that gene to all his children. We all should’ve become cops. I love, love watching the crime channel or any serial killer documentary. I still try to figure out how these people’s minds work. How can someone kill not just one person, but plenty, and why? Reading and watching these documentaries, listening to the psychologist speaking about what makes a serial killer is so intricate and in a way very fascinating with the human brain, just how powerful the human brain is, even if it’s sick and needs a lot of fixing. How they get caught is even more fascinating. I always feel so sorry for the detectives on the case trying to catch these killers, as they have to think like them. How do you think like a serial killer if you are not one?

See why I find this so interesting?

This is how I came up with my version of a serial killer, called Guy Savoury, who is also known as the Notorious Wolf. He killed with the famous serial killers Ted Bundy, Sun of Sam, BTK killer, The Co-ed Killer, and the others that killed when the internet and DNA didn’t exist. The detective that caught him was a female, one of the first female detectives of that time, and she was a brilliant profiler. Guy Savoury only killed ones every two years, and he is a bit like Dexter Morgan, only go for the worst of the worst people and make them pay. He would then turn his victims into fairytale characters for the police to find and somehow always planted the person who was closest to the victim’s fingerprints all over the scene.

His biggest mistake was taunting the profiler that hunted him. And that was how she eventually caught him.

Twenty years later, Guy Savoury dies in jail, and a copycat killer carries on with his killings. A replica of the Notorious Wolf’s killings, but he doesn’t kill in two years anymore (24months) he kills every 24 days.

Beautiful Death, When Snow Falls and Ripple, are all the copycats victims. The story revolves around the victims, so you get to see why they become his Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Little Mermaid. The towns he targets are small, my own towns that I made up, even though I know Snt. Augustine is an actual town, but in these books, they are my own imaginations. The cops are not ready for this type of killer, and they had to get back up from the FBI and a profiler called Anthony Brock. Now the Notorious Wolf is the first book in Anthony Brock Series, but I’m still writing it, and that is where he will catch who is behind the copycat killings. It’s someone that is in all three books, and I hope you won’t be able to see who it is, as I leave little clues here and there. So for the detectives out there, I’m sure you will point it fast together when you read this series, and I promise everything will make sense as I dislike a killer coming out of nowhere and nobody knows who it is. So my killer is in all three books, doing these killings.

I’m hoping to have the Notorious Wolf finished mid next year. I will write it in Anthony’s point of view and how he is going to discover who the killer is and follow every lead.

I hope that you guys are going to enjoy this one. I know I am. When I told my hubby the idea, he told me it would not work and then he thought about it for an hour and he came back and told me it’s actually brilliant now that he thought about it. So I have one person in my corner who thinks it’s a brilliant story. And believe me, he is really honest. I sometimes hate to ask for his opinion. There is a saying: if you want to know the truth, just ask a kid? That is him. He tells me when my ideas suck and when they don’t, and if they suck, I try something else to not make them suck. Hehe. Nice to have someone like that around.

So give Beautiful Death a try too. I rewrote a lot of it a few months back to get rid of mistakes and help with the flow. Let me know what you think.

Both these stories are available in KU.

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